WebRTC two-way Audio/Video/Data Intercom & Recorder

WARNING! Some browsers do not allow to access local media on insecure origins. Consider switching the UV4L Streaming Server to secure HTTPS instead.



Remote peer options

NOTE: if your browser does not support the hardware codec yet, try Firefox with the codec plugin enabled or a recent version of Chrome.

Recorded Audio/Video stream


NOTE: some old Chrome version may generate corrupted video if the audio track is not present as well (use Firefox in this case)

Cast local Audio/Video sources to remote peer

NOTE: camera and screen can be casted over HTTPS only in Chrome. For the screen the --enable-usermedia-screen-capturing flag must be set. window or application casting is only supported in Firefox 44 on.

NOTE: except for camera, to enable screen, window or application casting open about:config URL and set media.getusermedia.screensharing.enabled to true and permanently add the current domain to the list in media.getusermedia.screensharing.allowed_domains.

NOTE: if you want to cast music, for better audio quality disable echo-cancellation.

NOTE: if you want to cast music, for better audio quality disable echo-cancellation, and aec, noise-suppression, agc in the browser configuration (about:config).

Data Channels
message: received:

Advanced options
Remote Peer/Signalling Server Address:
Optional ICE Servers (STUN/TURN):
Trickle ICE:

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